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HomeSavings, "Investments" :30


Working with the uber famous photographer-turned-director David Bailey was a thrill. Bailey was the inspiration for the main character in the cult movie classic “Blow Up.


Playstation, "Crash" : 30


One of the first spots produced for Sony Playstation, which was going up against Nintendo.

Lexus, "Who Am I" :30


Shooting in the Namibian desert, sleeping in tents, waking every morning with sand in my teeth—this shoot was challenging at every level. Not the least of our troubles: cars arriving with pitted paint after being driven from the port through a windstorm. And did I mention, no coffee on location?

Nissan, "Johnny Cash" :60


Working with Johnny Cash was a once in a lifetime experience. I negotiated the music rights for the commercial and became friendly with his agent. Needless to say receiving tickets and backstage passes for his last two LA concerts was a thrill.

Jack in the Box, "No Coffee" :30


It’s not often, if ever, that your art director, copywriter, creative director, director and VO talent are the same person: Dick/Rick Sittig. Sure cuts the travel budget. This is one of twenty or so Jack In The Box spots I’ve produced. This one won a Belding.

Foster Farms, "Rush Hour" :30


One of the first spots I produced. The director tried to tell me we couldn’t shoot until the weather was picture perfect for the look he wanted. I gave him one weather day—it was raining— and then told him he had to shoot the next day, rain or no rain. Lucky for us, the rain clouds cleared and we got his perfect day.

Energizer,  "Divers" :30


Shot in the Cayman Islands by Gary Johns, art directed by the impeccable Rob Feakins. Divers was a feat of underwater engineering and puppeteering.

Heal the Bay, "Ocean" :60


This PSA, the first for grass-roots Heal the Bay, was also the first commercial ever to air in movie theaters. Heal the Bay is now a huge non-profit organization, employing countless staff who manage scores of volunteers.

Lexus, "Arrow" :30


What a pleasure to work with director David Deneen and director of photography Jon de Bont.

OurTime, "Pier" :60


Original music wasn’t in the budget for an over-fifty dating website spot. Nevertheless it was a must-have for the creative team. We found this song from a Berklee College of Music student and flew him out to perform it live at the shoot. 

Lexus, "Brinks" :30


The first spot I produced after being hired as senior producer at Team One Advertising. I convinced Lexus to hire director Allan Van Rijn, then unknown outside of Europe. This spot launched his very successful career in the U.S.

OurTime "Farmer's Market" :60


Introductory campaign I produced for They were completed on a shoestring budget with new director, Jay Martin and music found from Berklee School of Music teacher, Scarlett Keys.

Lexus, "Musical Chairs" :30


Our director, Henry Sandbank, won innumerable awards and has appeared in the Museum of Modern Art. He collaborated with Advertisings Who’s Who to create ads that revolutionized advertising in the 60’s.

Lexus, "Living Room" :30


Director Henry Sandbank’s work here for Lexus (both “Living Room” and “Musical Chairs”) shows what he is known for: beautifully simple work that is technically complex.

OurTime "Farmer's Market :15


Word got out at Berklee School of Music that we were producing this campaign with a score from one of their student's music. The next thing we knew we had an instructor writing for us too.


OurTime "Brian & Jo Ann" :15


Love this couple. They really did meet on Their casting tape was so enchanting we devised a way to make a commercial out of it. I found music video director Jay Martin. This was his commercial advertising debut.

Lexus,  "Venice" :30


Can you say boondoggle! We shot this package of spots for Lexus in Italy, Switzerland and Tahiti – with not a car in sight!

Lexus, "Where Am I" :30


Directed by Tarsem, this spot and two others relaunched the Lexus brand. It was Lexus' biggest ad blitz since the luxury brands US intro.

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